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Sixth Grade

Welcome to Sixth Grade!



 Egg Drop! Wow, what a view!

Wyoming Elementary has three sections of sixth grade students.  Each teacher instructs math, reading, and art to their homeroom class, and specializes in one other subject area in the curriculum.

Sixth grade is conducted differently from any other grade in the elementary setting. In sixth grade, the students are given the opportunity to switch (or rotate) classrooms, to ensure a successful transition to seventh grade.  Each sixth grade teacher focuses on a specific subject area of the curriculum, and teaches that subject to all of the sixth grade students.  Not only does this give the students an opportunity to become more self-reliant, but it gives each sixth grade teacher a chance to get to know each and every sixth grade student in the school.

Literacy:  Many skills are acquired through the literacy curriculum such as compare/contrast, comprehension, main idea, sequencing, inferences, fact/opinion, and more.  Novel study also incorporates these skills.  Students will learn how to create their own on-line book reviews. 

Mathematics:  Our math curriculum consists of geometry, fractions, decimals, percents, graphing, probability, mean, median, mode, algebraic thinking, measurement, and ratios.

Science/Health:  Science/Health topics consist of Motion, Nutrition, Energy, Matter, and Slick Tracy (which is an alcohol awareness program created by Hazelden.) Several Assignments are assigned through Google classroom, and are completed using our 1:1 Chromebooks. 

Social Studies:  Social studies focuses on Minnesota history, as well as geography skills taught through the use of maps and current events.  Topic and subject matter are, however, secondary to the skills work intended to develop learning and thinking patterns necessary for the secondary level the students are about to enter.

Art:  Students will explore the seven elements of art to analyze, interpret, judge, and appreciate artwork.  They will create many pieces of art using various methods and media.  This class enhances the core units in the sixth grade curriculum.

Language Arts:  The focus of this class is to learn how to write in different styles.  They will learn about the 6 traits of writing as they go through the writing process.

Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum.  Students meet with a media specialist for 30 minutes and a music specialist for 60 minutes each week.  They enjoy physical education for 30 minutes 2 days a week.



Mrs. Pitzl

Mrs. Pitzl 

Mrs. Runquist

Mrs. Runquist 

Mrs. Schuder

Mrs. Schuder